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Case Study

California Rice Commission Annual Report

cover image of the annual report

Case Study

California Rice Commission
Annual Report

cover image of the annual report

The Challenge

The CRC Annual Report is a substantial annual undertaking for the California Rice Commission. It's their most critical communication, summarizing the year for their constituents and outlining what’s to come in the future. They need to convey their message to all their stakeholders, who come from different corners of the rice and agriculture industry. But condensing a year's worth of information into a neat, 12-page booklet that manages to speak to everyone in the industry is a tough job. That's where we step in.

Services Included

  • Publication


  • California Rice Commission

Our Approach

We've been working with CRC for over 25 years, and when it comes to the annual report, we've got their back. We support their important message with a visual story that captures the essence of the year in just 12 pages. Through our long history together, we’ve developed a process for annual reports that’s truly top-notch. In fact, we've made creating annual reports a piece of cake.

With consistent branding and an amazing photography collection, we tell a story that positions CRC as an industry leader. And while every year brings a new set of challenges for the rice industry – whether it be drought, bonus crops, or weather abnormalities – we can easily navigate through it. Our comprehensive teams ensure the visual story of each year is told in a consistent, trustworthy, and confident manner – and with minimal stress on the team at the California Rice Commission!

image of a lady holding the annual report
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Page Design has helped The California Rice Commission take complex information and connect it to visually captivating work that is easily digestible by a larger audience. The Page Design team is helpful, thoughtful and has exceeded in deadlines and design.

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