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Creative Ways to Share Your Company’s Message

At the heart of every marketing strategy is the understanding that clear, straightforward messaging is a cornerstone of successful branding. After all, if your target audience can’t easily interpret what your advertising is trying to say, why even bother? Trimming the fat, cutting out the fluff, getting to the point; these are all short and sweet ways of saying that when it comes to marketing, keeping it simple is your best option.

But that doesn’t mean that simple equates to boring – in fact, uninteresting advertising is just as ineffective as confusing messaging. You already know exactly what you want your marketing to say; now you just need an engaging way to say it. The secret to making your message even more powerful, effective, and memorable lies in the magic of multimedia solutions.

The value of multimedia is that it offers different routes for communicating your ideas in new and interesting ways, branching out from the more traditional (and sometimes overused) forms of advertising. Also, multimedia can often help you gain access to different segments of your audience that aren’t available via other routes. Being able to effectively share your company’s message and engage your target audience at the same time? Sounds like a win-win to us.

Creative Ways to Make Multimedia a Part of Your Marketing Plan

One of the biggest benefits of multimedia marketing is the wealth of options you’ll have to consider and the creative freedom each one offers.

Video Production

Whether you’re aiming to educate, inform, or entertain your audience, video serves as a multimedia platform that’s as versatile as it is dynamic. More than 50 percent of consumers prefer video to other types of content, making it an investment you can’t afford to miss. Convenient for consumers and share-friendly, video marketing can be used in many different ways:

  • Social media: YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are considered the top three platforms for brands who want to connect with consumers via video, presenting many ways for users to view, share, and interact with video content. You might opt to cover how-to tutorials, interviews with your team, event coverage, positive testimonials, or even the story of your brand – it’s completely up to you.
  • Educational videos: Do you need a fast, high-impact way to teach your audience something important about your brand, products, or services? Video is an extremely effective option for delivering key information.
  • Webinars: Usually preferred for B2B content, webinars can also be used to deliver important messaging to internal teams and staff as well as ‘teaching sessions’ on educational topics to your audience.

Audio Production

Whether as a standalone element of your branding or a complement to your video efforts, audio can fulfill a variety of roles in the pursuit of effective messaging. The ideal fit for our multitasking, often overstimulated society, audio can cut through the noise in a completely unique way.

  • Podcasts: One of the best ways to build customer trust is to establish your brand as both a reliable expert and friendly face in your industry, and podcasts offer up an exceptional opportunity to do both. With more than 60 million American households categorized as a home to one or more podcast fans, podcasting is a marketing medium that refuses to be ignored.
  • Company and product branding: You might not realize it, but certain brands have mastered the ability to appear in your mental map with just a simple sound. Intel, Netflix, NBC, and many other massively successful brands have a unique brand identifier that takes the form of audio.
  • Customer experiences: There are various touch points at which a consumer interacts with your brand, and infusing these moments with your distinct brand identity can have an impressive impact. From the music they hear when placed on hold to the audio elements of your website, customers are often building their perception of your brand without even realizing it.


Don’t just tell your audience about your brand’s core messaging; show them with creative and captivating photography. Both print and digital marketing make significant use of photography, and polished, professional images can be the thing that tips the scales in your brand’s favor.

Today’s consumers are far too smart to be fooled by overly generic stock images, so invest in high-quality photography to build consumer trust and proudly represent your brand. Photo sharing sites like Instagram can play a vital role in your company’s messaging, while your blog is another means for reaching new and existing customers via effective images.

PowerPoint Presentations

Microsoft PowerPoint has been around for quite some time, but don’t make the mistake of assuming that that means it’s an outdated tool. Whether you’re communicating with your customers, potential investors, shareholders, or another specific audience, a thoughtfully-designed PowerPoint is worth its digital weight in gold.

A PowerPoint presentation may be offered as a downloadable guide (in exchange for contact information for the customer, for example), incentivizing consumers to engage with your brand in a way that suits your goals. Or, you can parse out a presentation you’re proud of into visual content that works for Instagram, Facebook, or SlideShare. During the creation process, it can be helpful to remember that the life of a PowerPoint deck can last long after the presentation is over – what do you want your audience to walk away with?


On-screen people aren’t the only option for making a video come to life; animation can also be a solid base for engaging video content. Beyond using animation for your website design, it’s also possible to make it your go-to method for communicating with your audience base.

You already know the many flexible forms that traditional video can take, and the versatility still applies when you decide to give animation a chance – if not more so. From promotional content to informational videos, animation lets you share a specific message in a quick, to-the-point way. Interesting but not overly complex, animated videos hit the sweet spot between simple and engaging.

Revamp Your Messaging with Multimedia Marketing Solutions from Page Design

There’s nobody that knows your company’s key messaging like you do. Clear, effective, and purposeful, the right approach to messaging is a foundation of successful marketing. But without an element of interest, even the most well-crafted message can fall flat – because when it comes to capturing the attention of your target audience, creativity is key.

By adding multimedia design to your organization’s metaphorical marketing toolbox, you’ll have everything you need to communicate and engage your ideal customer. From catching their eye to keeping them interested, then guiding them towards the action points that are central to your business goals, multimedia elements can do it all. Don’t let your advertising efforts get lost in a crowd of competitors when all it takes to stand out is the help of the talented team at our multimedia company.

With a multimedia team that boasts a diverse range of skills and expertise, Page Design is the perfect partner in your creative marketing journey. You know exactly what message you want to send, and we have a variety of multimedia tools at the ready – together, we can elevate your marketing to the next level.

For creative help with designing and implementing multimedia marketing strategies for your company, contact Page Design today.

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